Building Inspection Melbourne

Whether you are purchasing a new home or you are building one, you need to get a building inspection to protect yourself.

The purpose of a inspection report is that it needs to clearly evaluate the condition in which the building is at any given time. Such a report can help you save the headache or going to the VCAT.At we provide information on how to acquire these reports. These reports also need to adhere to the Australian standards AS4349.1 (buildings) and AS4349.3 (timber pest).The main types of building inspection include

  • Pre purchase inspection
  • Builder-owner inspection
  • Termite and pest inspection
  • Bush fire level building inspection
  • Handover inspection
  • Vendor inspection

It is ideal to hire someone who has experience with architectural drafting and provides value via experiences such as building construction experience. A building inspection report can generally provide the peace of mind when making a purchase or doing a handover to the new owner.

Pre purchase inspection

A pre purchase inspection can provide you the necessary tools to make an educated decision on the property that you are purchasing. The building inspection report should point out all the issues in the building under consideration. this should give you ample understanding on the cost associated with such a purchase. It will give you an upper hand in any negotiations that you will want to make to purchase the property.

The building inspection can consist of various parts of inspection. For example

  • House inspection.
  • Under the house inspection.
  • Roof and other Arial inspection.
  • Around the house inspection.

Building inspection in the house can be very exhaustive. Ceilings, doors , windows are supposed to be detailed. Flooring is also supposed to be inspected including any water leakage.

Going under the building requires inspection of structure and foundation. they may also inspect  stumps and bearers. Good inspectors would also pay attention to fungal decay, pest, termite or any other sort of infection. They would also check for water damping and other issues that may cause harm to the building in the future.

If you have any solar panels installed on the roof then they may be inspected for installation. roofing cracks or roofing leaks are common and a trained eye will catch that immediately. There may be insulation issues or even plumbing issues caused due to water drainage.

If you have a multi storey house, the inspection may extend to the middle floor and the floor bed.

The inspector also needs to make a around the building inspection. For an example

  • Is the drainage system properly secured ?
  • Is there any external cladding ?
  • Are the sewers properly down piped ?
  • Are there any issues with the fence ?
  • Are there any issues with the walkways or driveways ?
  • How good is the site layout ?

The inspector will need to put all of this information on a report that adequately protects you from any problems in the future.